How It Works

It’s pretty simple.

You look at our stuff online and pay full price to guarantee it’s your stuff, or you make an offer and hope and pray that it doesn’t sell from underneath you. We want everything to GoFast and remember, CASH is KING (see rules)!

Our Stuff

Our inventory changes on a very regular basis so check back to make sure you don’t miss anything. Our inventory consists of very cool stuff, not lame stuff. So if you like new and used tools, sporting equipment, motors, man caves or high fives, then you’ll like our stuff.

Warnings and Notices

The majority of our inventory is previously owned stuff. That means that even if we say it is in “like new condition” that it still most likely will have a nick, scratch or dent. We don’t enjoy when someone shows up and starts to hem and haw about what they see. We will do our best to communicate any damage on our inventory, but sometimes we miss items. We are reasonable guys and we will allow you to leave without purchase you will not hurt our feelings.

We Are Not The DMV

We will provide a bill of sales for all items purchased from GoFast Hub. It is up to the customer to make sure they transfer or register the title to their name.

Trade or Sell

If your interested in buying or selling your stuff with GoFast. Please reach out to us at You can also fill out the form and upload a photo on our Sell or Trade page, this is the fastest way for us to determine if we are interested or not.