The Rules

GoFast Hub is a local Twin City Minnesota local online store that buys, sells, and trades just about anything. We prefer items with motors, sporting equipment, items that go bang, or just cool and unique. We believe that we can keep our store open 24hrs a day seven days a week and keep our costs down so we can price things right. The best part is you can make offers on anything in the store, all we can say is “Yes or No.” Our objective is to keep our costs down so that you get the best price! How do we keep our costs down? We have a few simple rules:

1. Be Friendly – We are reasonable guys, but if we don’t like your attitude we don’t do business with you.

2. Make Offers – but it better be good offer because we only accept the best offers! Hey, maybe you’ll catch us on a good day and get a steal. WE, however, reserve the right to deny your offer just because we can.

3. Cash Is KING – We are NOT talking about Johnny Cash (however, he was pretty close), but we are referring to cold hard cash. That’s right it’s old school, but we want to bring back the handshake, cash offer, or trade. We do accept credit card offers, but you should know you’re going to pay the extra 3%.

4. You Come To Us – That’s right we don’t deliver. We are not pizza delivery guys or the piano movers. We will make exceptions depending on the circumstances, and if you have a delivery request or question regarding delivery, please email us at or call (612) 305-8309.

5. Pick Up Your Stuff  – We have set pick up days and by appointment only pick ups. Once an item is purchased, offer is accepted or trade is agreed to then you have 15 days to pick it up otherwise we re-list and you lose. Again, our goal is to keep our cost down and we only have so much storage space. If you have a pick up appointment request or question, please email us at or call (612) 305-8309.

That’s all. We hope you enjoy shopping as much as we love selling!